What is Açai?


The açaí berry is truly one of nature’s marvels, evidence that Mother Earth hasn’t given up on mankind yet! So lush, so rich in flavor with notes of dark chocolate paired with the thrilling zest of wild berries. Growing atop the wild palm trees of the Amazon rainforest, meticulously picked and packaged, these little fellas have made it all the way to you from Brazil.

Açaí reigns as the ultimate champion in the antioxidant food kingdom. No other berry ranks off the charts in its antioxidants and omegas 3, 6 and 9. Throw in an extremely low sugar profile while being rich in fiber, and you’ve got a fruit that makes the other berries call home to Grandma in envy. With a whole host of nutritional goodness, acai fights free radical damage and research has shown it can help prevent heart disease, cancers, overall inflammation and even help with energy levels and contribute to delayed signs of aging! What?! One little berry?!

With 10 times the antioxidant concentration of blueberries, açaí is a great vegan source of essential heart fats, and significantly helps control cholesterol for all ages. Additionally, as a low GI food source, açaís leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction, even with small portions, so you don’t fall victim to the “eyes are bigger than my stomach” trap – a slippery slope indeed!

And because these little rock stars are easily perishable, we take extra effort to ensure each berry we serve has been processed in a way that preserves its nutritional value.

Bonus: What is Guarana?


Deep in the bowels of the wild forests of Amazonia resides a tribe called the Guarani Indians. Not just a people with a difficult name, these natives use the seeds of the Guarana plant to sustain their energy needs. And trust us, the Amazon is no Sunday picnic. The tribe believes the plant has magical powers, relieving stomach pain and renewing internal vitality. Traditionally, because of its unique eye-like appearance, the plant is also referred to as “the magic eye”.

The fruit is red, no larger than a garbanzo bean, and is intensely rich in caffeine, in fact, five times more than coffee. Crushed Guarana seeds can be used as a stimulant – increasing perceptions, improving memory and concentration and, of course, boosting energy levels.