Our first encounter of the lush açaí fruit was on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. After the rigors of football and catching the wicked surf the Hawaiian beaches have to offer, we would find ourselves recovering with a delicious bowl of açaí. The açaí cafes around the islands were plenty and the bowls always made us feel nourished and revitalized at the end of a hard day.

After returning to Thailand, it wasn’t before too long that we began noticing an emptiness inside us; something missing that we craved – those mouthwatering açaí bowls! Then BANG, it hit us. With its nutritional profile and countless health benefits, why aren’t we eating this here in Thailand?

We immediately began finding ways to import this delicious berry to avail all Thais to everything açaí had to offer.

As fate would have it we ended up in Brazil after our search began. This afforded us the opportunity to directly visit the best açaí farms, allowing us to source only the highest quality berries – from plucking the fruit from the trees to the complete pulp extraction process. We went through countless suppliers to discover the finest, purest açaí possible so all measures of quality and nutrition were met.

The story of Vitatrade providing rich, nourishing açaí products to Thailand is a testament to how fortunate we’ve been in fulfilling our belief and vision.

We love açaí bowls and smoothies and know the value of this amazing berry in enriching the lives of everyone here in Thailand and beyond. With the frenetic pace of the world today, our frozen açaí pulp allows anyone to quickly make a delicious bowl or smoothie in just minutes.

So eat up – and enjoy!